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Secure your vacant site through the winter months with Security Blocks.

As the evenings draw in, with the clocks being turned back and the shops starting to stock Christmas decorations – the winter is nearly upon us. But have you thought about your security?

concrete barriers protecting car park

The winter months bring many safety concerns and security risks to both vacant properties and building sites due to the darker nights and absence of staff during holidays. With more buildings and sites being left unoccupied or unprotected during the dark hours inevitably leading to theft, anti social behaviour and illegal occupation.

Construction site owners, vacant property owners – or anyone who manages property of any description for that matter – need to be extra vigilant at this time of year.

Whilst some theft is spontaneous and opportunistic, there are increased reports of both machinery being stolen under the cover of darkness, together with an increase in illegal occupation and squatters.

When the lights are off, thieves and other criminals can operate under the cover of darkness, making it harder to notice them – especially during winter.

By addressing the issue of security in these vacant sites, particularly at this time of year with our Security Blocks we can safeguard your asset, maintain property values, and create a safer environment for all.


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