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How to stop unlawful trespassers and squatters gaining access to your vacant property.

Concrete blocks at car park entrance

Finding that squatters have gained unlawful entry to your property and have begun living there without consent can be stressful – with untold damage to the fabric of the building, draining utilities if these are connected, and often stripping assets such as radiators and leaving hazardous debris.

How to Prevent Squatters from Accessing your Property.

While the above process can be fairly straightforward when handled by an established enforcement team, the stress and time delays can be challenging, along with the costs of applying to the courts for eviction notices, managing the aftermath when the squatter has left, and employing the services of an agent.

The ideal option is to take preventative action to ensure your premise is never an enticing prospect for a squatter and is inaccessible to anybody without access permissions.

Concrete blocks are an effective solution to this problem as they are heavy and difficult to move, providing a physical barrier to prevent access to the site. They can also be easily arranged to create a secure perimeter, and can be removed when the site is ready for use again.

Block hire companies such as Blocks4Hire offer a range of concrete blocks for hire. These blocks are made from high-quality materials and can be delivered and installed quickly and efficiently.

In addition to preventing unauthorised access, concrete block hire also provides a cost-effective solution for securing vacant sites. Rather than investing in permanent security measures such as fencing or gates, concrete blocks can be hired for the duration of the vacancy, providing a flexible and affordable solution.

Overall, concrete block hire is an excellent way to protect vacant commercial and industrial sites from unauthorized access and illegal activities. With its ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and effectiveness in creating a secure perimeter, it is no wonder that more and more businesses are turning to this solution to protect their properties.

Other worthwhile preventative measures include.

Install CCTV Cameras - CCTV cameras are not just useful for identifying intruders, they are a very effective deterrent as well.

Organize Regular Maintenance Inspections - Organizing regular maintenance inspections is a great way to ensure that no potential weaknesses in your defences are overlooked.

Install Exterior Lighting - Criminals do not like to perform under a spotlight for obvious reasons. With this in mind you can see how exterior lighting could make your vacant property much more secure.

Install Window Protection - Windows can easily be broken, making them an obvious weak spot in any building's defences. Installing bars or grilles is an easy fix for this issue.

Install Perimeter Alarm System - With motion sensors linked to a central alarm system you can make your property far more secure.

Putting these preventative measures in place should both secure your vacant property together with satisfying your insurer until such time as the property is sold or re let.


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