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Concrete Lego Blocks




Available to hire or purchase, our interlocking "lego" blocks can be used for a variety of purposes both temporary and permanent. Blocks4Hire interlocking concrete barriers are designed to lock easily together giving an instant barrier.


Supplied with either lifting pin inserts of forklift pockets, the blocks can be both put into place, assembled, and disassembled quickly, giving complete flexibility of use.


At Blocks4Hire, we take pride in the quality of our interlocking concrete blocks. They are designed to provide the ultimate level of security and stability for your construction or security needs.


Our blocks are ideal for a wide range of applications, from perimeter security to retaining walls and more. They are also easy to install and require no special equipment or tools.

Blocks4Hire interlocking concrete blocks measure approximately 80cm x 80cm x 1.6m and weigh around 2 tonnes each.

Our interlocking "Lego" style blocks can be used in several ways to facilitate security on vacant or empty sites, or where additional security or partitioning is required.

  • Security Barriers:
    One of the simplest ways to use concrete blocks for security is to create a physical barrier. Placing large concrete blocks or barriers at entry points or loading dock doors can prevent unauthorised access. The combined heavy weight of the interlocking blocks will make it difficult for someone to move them or break through them without specialist lifting equipment.


  • Perimeter protection:
    By placing interlocking concrete blocks you can create a higher protective barrier that prevents vehicles or intruders from entering the premises. This is particularly useful for industrial sites that are in remote locations and have large, open areas around them.


  • Retaining Walls
    For a quick and reliable solution, our interlocking concrete blocks are perfect for industrial or commercial use, providing temporary and safe retaining walls. Our blocks are sturdy, easy to install and ready to use fast. Order from our website for delivery straight to your site.


The use of interlocking concrete blocks and barriers can help to enhance security and safety by creating physical barriers, acting as a deterrent, and protecting people, vehicles and property.

blocks4hire van

“I was put in touch with Damon at Blocks 4 Hire back in September 2022 to help support with securing a number of vacant assets within my region, the level of customer service and quick turn around on delivering what was needed is second to none. Good value for money and a professional outfit. I would definitely recommend them to my colleagues and other businesses in the same industry."

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